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How to Tell When Frost on Windows Is A Problem

Did you notice more ice buildup on the windows of your home this winter? And, how do you tell when frost on windows is becoming an issue?Frost formation can make your windows look like a picture of a holiday card, but it can also be an indicator that it is time for replacement windows Barrie. [...]

Common Window Installation Issues and How to Avoid Them

No matter how much money you spend on replacement windows, they will not serve as a good investment if they are not properly installed. Bad window installation can lead to costly repairs down the line and even cause such issues as water or air leaks.In the following, we shall discuss common Aurora windows installation problems, [...]

Ways to Clean and Prevent Mold on Windows

There are many things that can make the windows of your Barrie area home appear dirty. Dirt, dust, and debris are the most common culprits of dirty windows. These are easy to remedy simply by a quick cleaning of your windows. However, other substances may be a bit more difficult to easily clean. Mold [...]

Are Casement Windows the Right Choice for Your Aurora Area Home?

One of the primary responsibilities of a homeowner is to maintain your windows and doors. Replacing your vinyl windows can not only give you a better return on your investment should you choose to sell your home, but they can also help lower your energy bills. But, which style of windows is the best [...]

How to Convert Basement Windows to Egress Windows

Do your basement windows meet the guidelines for egress windows? Recent changes have been made to the fire codes in Canada so that all basement windows must be in 100% compliance with the rules and regulations outlined by the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC). If the windows in your basement do not currently [...]

How to Budget for Window Replacement Cost

Home renovation projects are simply a fact of life for Aurora area residents. This includes everything from painting and cleaning your vents to replacing your windows. So, when you are setting a budget for your home improvement plans this year, you need to factor in window replacement cost. But, setting a budget for replacement [...]

Standard Window Sizes and Components for Barrie Homeowners

As you are starting the process of window replacement for your Barrie area home, it is helpful to have some knowledge of standard window sizes to help you make an informed decision. In this article, we shall discuss the different components of windows Barrie, as well as the standard sizes for windows. This will [...]

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