How to Budget for Window Replacement CostHome renovation projects are simply a fact of life for Aurora area residents. This includes everything from painting and cleaning your vents to replacing your windows. So, when you are setting a budget for your home improvement plans this year, you need to factor in window replacement cost.

But, setting a budget for replacement windows involves more than just ordering any windows that you think will look nice in your home. You need to consider a great many details when purchasing your Aurora windows. Read further to find out more.

Things That Determine Window Replacement Cost

Obviously, you need to know window prices by size when setting your budget. A large picture window in your home office will cost more than an awning window in your kitchen. Also, the number of windows will play a factor. Replacing ten windows at one time will obviously cost more than to replace only two.

Type of Window Glass

Single pane windows are obviously cheaper than their double and triple pane counterparts, which is why they were a popular choice in the past. However, triple and double pane windows are thirty times more energy efficient than windows with one pane only. You will save a lot of money on your energy bills, which adds up quickly and makes up for the initial cost of windows with double or triple panes.

What makes these windows more energy efficient is the addition of an extra pane of glass. With this, you can have your windows filled with inert gases and coated with Low-E coatings, which can help keep heat from escaping during the winter. Moreover, both of these additions will help prevent condensation on your windows. You will start to see big savings on your heating and cooling costs with the addition of triple or double pane windows.

Style of Window

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can be installed vertically or horizontally. As they glide open smoothly, they are easy to clean and operate. They can be upgraded to tilt and turn windows, which makes them easy to clean.

When it comes to cost, sliding windows are not that expensive. However, they are not as energy efficient as other styles of windows due to the fact that they are designed with weather stripping.

Crank Style Windows

Examples of crank windows are the increasingly popular casement and awning style windows. Both of these windows open and close via a cranking mechanism. They can be installed to crank outward, inward, or both. The main pro of these windows is that they have a compression seal that makes them exceptionally air and water tight. Crank windows are the epitome of energy efficiency.

Windows Material

Of course, the material of the window unit will affect window replacement cost. Vinyl windows are not only affordable, but they are also the most energy efficient. While wooden windows may be traditional and classic, they tend to need more upkeep and cannot withstand the weather as well as vinyl windows. Vinyl style windows are easy to maintain and are designed to outlast other windows materials by many years.

Type of Window Installation

How your windows are installed will affect the cost of replacing your windows. There are two types of installation. Retrofit windows are installed if your window frames and the structure that surrounds them are still in good shape. This costs less than the other method of installation, which is called full-frame. In this process, the complete window unit, from the frame to the glass itself, needs to be replaced. Overall, this is the better way to go, as it ensures that your windows are structurally sound and will last for a greater period.
Also, if you wish to add any “extras” to your windows, such as additional locks, window grids, or decorative designs for the window pane, this will also drive up the cost. Having your windows custom designed in certain colors, shapes, and sizes can also play a role in window replacement cost.

Contact Atlant Windows and Doors when the time to figure out window replacement cost comes. We can work with you to determine how much you will need, as well as what style of windows will work for your Aurora area home.